Podcast Launch PRO


Podcast Launch PRO includes:

  • In-depth consultation and coaching
  • Customized gear suggestion package
  • Onboarding & setup
  • Intro/outro creation
  • Precision editing
  • Noise reduction
  • Compression
  • EQ, de-esser
  • Stereo imaging
  • Finalization
  • ID3 tagging
  • Show notes
  • Bullet point show summary
  • Transcription
  • Upload audio to hosting accounts
  • Publish show page


When you upgrade to the PREMIUM Package you’ll receive a creatively written blog post that provides a fresh perspective on your podcast and is designed to draw in potential listeners and bolster your presentation.


The Podcast Launch PRO package takes the burden of editing and mastering your podcast off your shoulders completely. It gives you access to advice and recommendations from an industry leader, so you can save yourself from many of the most common newbie mistakes.

You receive in-depth consultation and coaching, a gear suggestion package crafted and customized specifically to your needs, on-boarding and setup, Intro/Outro creation, all our regular editing and mastering services, ID3 tagging on your first podcast so it’s ready to publish. Plus, OUR TOP-NOTCH PUBLISHING TEAM WILL GENERATE ALL THE WRITTEN CONTENT FOR YOUR PODCAST.
This includes:

  • A short show summary that is creatively written to entice the potential listener to click play.
  • Bullet points that cover the main topics to be discussed in the podcast.
  • Hyperlinks to websites mentioned and referred to in the show.
  • A full transcription of the show. The transcription will then be added to the show page, and provided as a downloadable PDF.**

**Transcription Disclaimer: The base publishing price accounts for 45 minutes of the transcription. If show’s Total Run Time (TRT) exceeds 45 minutes in length. We can still accommodate that, but at an additional cost that will be invoiced separately through PayPal.

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